Accident/Body Repairs

Accident/Body Repairs

our vehicle will be viewed by one of our assessors and they will identify the extent of the damage and the estimated workshop time to repair the vehicle.

Upon approval your vehicle will then be scheduled for repair, we will then give you an estimated completion date for the repair. Whilst your vehicle is in for repair we offer a courtesy car facility.

Following the completion of all the remedial work, we then start the paint preparation stage.

Car manufacturers publish very exact colour codes for every colour ever used, so that we can match the exact colour of your vehicle to the paint used.

Any slight difference will be spotted immediately so colour matching has to be computer controlled. In order to get the vehicle back to it’s showroom condition, multiple layers of paint and lacquer are applied to get that all important shine.
As the final part of the paint process the vehicles are moved into large ovens to ensure a long lasting finish.

State of the art computer aided estimating equipment, body alignment jigs, vehicle lifts and paint ovens are all staffed by qualified craftsmen to ensure we return your accident damaged car to pristine “as new” condition.


To book an estimate, please call 020 8684 2291 or contact us