Insurance Claims

Insurance Claims

Simply give us your Insurance companies details and we will do the rest!
If Surrey Accident Repair carry out your repairs, we will put £50 towards your excess!

Do I have to use my insurance companies approved repairer?
It is your legal right to choose which Accident Repair Centre repairs your car – you do not need to use your insurance company’s recommended repairers. The insurance companies are interested in costs first, not the quality of your repairs. That may mean trying to make you use a budget repairer that uses non genuine parts which may affect your warranty. We will negotiate the best possible repair method with the engineer from your insurance company, so cost and quality are not compromised.

Informing my insurance company?
We will inform your insurance company that you have been involved in an accident and will be making a claim. We will then help you complete the claim form and chase insurers to settle your claim as quickly as possible.

Simply pay us any excess on your policy and drive away your repaired car.

How many estimates do I need?
Although insurance companies often ask for two estimates to process a claim, under the terms of your insurance policy, only one repair estimate is required for a vehicle accident claim.


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